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Fishing Gifts & Ideas Guide

Freshwater Fishing / Bass Fishing / Gift Suggestions

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Why not give a set of unique fishing lures this gift giving season?   The lures can be collected, displayed or used during the next fishing trip. Fishermen can never have too many lures!

Note on choosing colors:
Basically, it's best to choose a color that matches the bait that any potential prey would eat. Our most popular colors are reflective silver shad / minnow (aurora black, silver shad, american shad,  white) type colors , trout patterns, and baby bass patterns.  High contrast colors like black gold, sunfish, chartreuse are also popular and most customers purchase at least two colors of a lure. One realistic and one high contrast lure.  The theory being that in clear water, realism is important, and in murky water,  high contrast is important for visibility.

$10-$20 Megabait / Jackall / Lucky Craft

Our top selling items for freshwater bass fisherman are the Megabait Charlie and LA Slider Swimbaits. Our top selling colors are the rainbow trout and white colors for these soft swimbaits. Prices start at about $5 and go up depending on the size of the lure. A good gift pack would be 3 to 5 pieces of the Charlie Swimbait in different sizes and colors. The Charlies and La Sliders are very versatile lures that can be used in a lot of different situations. That's why I think they make good gifts. The recipient is sure to find a use for them. We also now have a few assortment packs that contain a good selection of freshwater fishing lures.
Megabait Charlie|LA Slider|Award Winning Fishing Lures  |Freshwater Assortment Kits

$20-$40  Jackall / Lucky Craft / Megabass
We also carry lures from Lucky Craft and Jackall  which are considered to be high end lures. They are famous for being used by winners of various bass fishing tournaments. They feature unique designs, actions, and colors. A vibration bait like the LV-500 coupled with a Jerk Bait like the Live Pointer would make a great freshwater gift set. The Sammy is also a very popular topwater lure that is well known and sought after. Jackall's crankbaits, topwater baits, and swimbaits are also popular. These lures start at about $15 each and up.
Lucky Craft Live Pointer|Lucky Craft Sammy|Lucky Craft LV-500|Jackall Aragon |Jackall D Cherry 48

Megabasslures are considered ultra premium andcollectiblelures. They are unique and hard to find. They feature truly unique designs, actions, and finishes. They are popular with fisherman that want the absolute best lures available and appreciate the fanatical engineering put into these lures. Prices start at around $25 and up per lure. I recommend the Type-X frog, Anthrax, or any of the Crankbaits. They are both versatile lures that combine lure actions of different types of lures into one product. For example the type-x frog is a topwater splasher, popper, and crankbait. The anthrax is a topwater stick bait, jerk bait, walk the dog lure combo. The Vision Oneten is a collectible jerkbait that makes an excellent gift but we've had a hard time keeping them in stock.  Get them if you see them in stock as they sell out fast.  The gatta:x is a truly unique topwater collectible bait.
Megabass Type-X Frog | Megabass Anthrax | Megabass Ito Vision 110   |Gatta X |XJF Crankbait 

Japanese Imports and Collectibles : We will also be offering some rare freshwater fishing lures from Megabass, Imakatsu, Jackall, Gancraft, and other Japanese manufacturers which are usually only available in Japan. 

For that special someone that has everything, or a business client that needs impressing, here are a few ideas.
How about putting a set of Award winning fishing lures. You can do this by mixing a few items of the Megabait Charlie, Megabait LA Slider, Lucky Craft Pointer, Megabass Type-X Frog, and the Rapala X-rap. All the lures have one the "e;Best new Lure"e; award at sometime at the ICAST fishing industry trade show (except for the Type X Frog which one a design award in Japan). ICAST is the world's largest fishing related trade show. We also have a rare boxed set of 3 special hand made wooden fishing lures that makes a great executive gift. The lures can be displayed, or used.
Boxed Wood Lure Set | Award Winning Fishing Lures


Saltwater Fishing / Tuna Fishing /  Gift Suggestions

Our top selling items for saltwater fishing enthusiasts are the Megabait Metal Live Jig and the Megabait LA Slider. Both are super versatile and can be used in many saltwater applications. They both come in various sizes with the larger geared towards big game fishing. Prices start around $4. Choose colors that match the bait fish in the area you will be fishing. Popular colors for the live jig are 10,18, and 80. Getting a variety of sizes from the 1.5oz to the 4oz sizes is suggested. The Megabait Bucktail Jig is also a non traditional, but poplar lure that has proven to be productive and rugged.
Megabait Live Jig | Megabait LA Slider | Megabait Bucktail Jig

To move a step up, I'd suggest the Kudako Live jig. These are special metal holographic spoons with single hooks especially made for big game tuna fishing. The JB-150 is a Megabait Jerkbait that's very popular with surf casting fisherman or those that troll it from boats. If the recipient owns a boat or goes out on saltwater charters often, some of the larger trolling lures might be appropriate. The Megabait Sea Boz are very popular for tuna and wahoo trolling.
Kudako Live Jig | Megabait JB-150 | Megabait Sea Boz

In this range, I'd put together a good combination of the popular saltwater lures. I'd mix in 3 sizes and colors of the Live Jigs with a few Kudako Jigs. Then add an assortment of LA sliders.
Megabait Live Jig | Megabait LA Slider | Megabait Bucktail Jig

Questions? Feel free to e-mail us for any suggestions
You can also post your fishing questions on our
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