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Smith Japan Lures

SMITH Ltd. Japan Fishing Lures

SMITH is an established european fishing lure company with a research and development branch in Japan.
SMITH manufactures fishing lures and fly fishing tackle in Europe, Japan, and Australia.

We will be introducing unique trout fishing and freshwater fishing lures from the Japan branch into the U.S. market.

The SMITH motto is "we aim to please mother nature"  SMITH develops eco environmentally friendly fishing lures with attention to detail and peformance.

Please let us know how the lures here work for you and we'll work to bring more of their line to the U.S.

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Smith Ar Rj Rubber Jig
Smith AR-RJ Swimming Rubber Jig
Your Price: $9.32
Smith AR-RJ Swimming Rubber Jig
Smith AR-RJ Jointed Swimming Rubber Jig
Smith Tungsten Nail Sinkers for Soft Plastics
Smith Tungsten Nail Sinkers
Your Price: $3.49
Smith Tungsten Nail Sinkers
Smith Tungsten Nail Sinkers for soft plastics and worms
Smith Ar-3D Gliding Jig
Smith AR-3D Gliding Jig
Your Price: $15.29
Smith AR-3D Gliding Jig
Smith AR-3D Horizontal Gliding and Rolling Jig
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